Friday, February 27, 2009

Cute Cross tattoo picture

Cute Cross tattoo picture
nice simple Cross tattoo design.
When this young woman felt her skin pierced by the tattoo needle, did she think it was a fitting tribute to Christ?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Tattoo gallery,Flash gallery

Explore Beautiful & Decorative Skin Tattoo Stock Images Gallery.You may love this tattoo gallery website-tattoos gallery,still, this blog have a lot of awesome tattoo pictures for you to choose.

Tattoo gallery
Tattoo gallery
Tattoo gallery
Tattoo gallery
Tattoo gallery
Tattoo gallery
Tattoo gallery
Tattoo gallery

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cool tribal cat tattoo

cat tattoo designs
tribal cat tattoo so cute this cat.I love this cat tattoo. I will do this next time.

cat tattoo designs

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Angel Tattoos designs

Looking for your next tattoo? Well if you are then you will want to stay right here for a few minutes. You will find a ton of great angel tattoo designs and pics all organized into a gallery. Angel wings and angel tattoo are hot right now and only growing in popularity.

Angel tattoos - Great Angel tattoo design
Angel tattoos-Great angel tattoo design
Angel tattoos - Great Angel tattoo design

Angel tattoos - Great Angel tattoo design

Angel tattoos - Great Angel tattoo design
Beckham has his sons' names and a Guardian Angel tattooed on his back
Angel tattoos are great becuase they can be used by both men and women and can vary between sweet cherub angels to more menacing designs of guardian angel tattoo that are often done in black and white. It is also very common for people to get angel tattoos as a memorial of a loved one who has passed. This masculine angel covers most of this female’s back, with huge wings covering both the left and right hand side.Whatever your reasons are for considering an angel tattoo there is a wide vareity of styles and designs to choose from and angel tattoos make a wonderful finished work of art.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chinese Tattoo Symbol "love"

Chinese Tattoo Symbol for love
Pronunciation: Ai
Meaning: Love
Symbols: the first symbol is in Kaiti Style while the second is in Lishu style
Chinese Symbol love
Chinese Love Symbol
Chinese Tattoo Symbol for love

Monday, February 9, 2009

Tattoo experience: My first tattoo - the Shrike

Author tonid -tonid@bme.anon
It took me quite a long time to reach the right decision. But finally I did it.
It all started somewhere around 1998. My girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend but still one of my best friends), got her first tattoo. It was a miniscule black panther on her shoulder. The same year she got a floral design on her arm, and a similar one on her lower back. All three tattoos were done by the same beginner artist, and were actually quite terrible. The ink quality made them grey out within a year or so, and they simply looked like an amateur's work.

Luckily, in late 1999 or early 2000, we discovered Artur Szolc. A friend of mine from work got a tattoo, and the quality was excellent. I asked her who made it, and she gave me Artur's phone number. So my girlfriend decided to get her tattoos corrected by Artur. When I saw his work, I knew one thing. If I was ever to get a tattoo, it would have to be made by him, nobody else. But I was still very far from making such a decision. Especially since I had no idea what I wanted to have tattooed.

Within the next couple of years, my girlfriend got her tattoos extended (now she's got one all over her back), and about a dozen of my friends, neighbors, colleagues etc. decided to get tattooed (by Artur, of course). But I was still uncertain as to the subject of my future tattoo. My first ideas were related to my zodiac sign (Capricorn), in a tribal form. Then I thought of a realistic dwarf miner (since I first read LOTR, I was fascinated with the dwarfs). But the true inspiration came in late 2006. There was no planning, there was no reason why it came. I simply one day thought about it, and then knew that was perfect for me. The Shrike.

I first read the Hyperion Cantos in 2001 or 2002 I believe. I was instantly in love with this science-fiction series. It was way better than anything I have ever read in the past. I absolutely loved the whole universe portrayed, all the characters, everything. I still do. I found myself a lot like Raul Endymion. But why choose the evil Shrike to be the subject my tattoo? Well, it would be difficult to explain without spoiling the story, and the readers might not like that. Enough to say, that the Shrike is not as bad as it may seem. It symbolizes pain induced in order to awaken empathy. And when that empathy awakens, the Shrike stands its guard. So my personal Shrike is the guard of my personal empathy.

Even though in late 2006 I already knew, that if I was to get a tattoo, it would be the Shrike, and it would be made by Artur Szolc, I still didn't make up my mind. But one summer afternoon in 2008, I took a nap, then I woke up, simply picked up the phone and called Artur to arrange an appointment (with the earliest possible date ?January 2009). Just like that.

And so, on January 19, 2008 I got my first tattoo. I sent Artur excerpts from the book, depicting the Shrike. I asked him to design the Shrike on the basis of only those excerpts, not the drawings one could find on the Web (which, in my opinion, are very inaccurate). Artur decided, that he would rather design it with me present, so the first three hours of my appointment we were drawing, discussing, correcting, until we came up with a design that I was satisfied with. Then it took Artur only about an hour and a half to complete the Shrike's head. We decided to leave the rest for the next session, since this was my first tattoo.

The experience itself was much less painful than I expected. I was a bit scared, since one of my friends actually fainted when he was getting his first tattoo. I found the pain completely bearable, it was more irritating than painful, and I almost fell asleep when Artur was working. I found out that the less I tense my muscles, the less pain I feel. The healing period afterwards was short. After about 2 days the epidermis peeled off. After about 4 days there was some itching, but it was bearable. Within a week the tattoo seems completely healed.

The remaining part of the Shrike shall be tattooed probably in late March 2009 (at the latest). The Shrike's upped body will cover my whole arm, with two of its four arms encircling that arm, and the remaining two spread wide, down below my elbow and above my shoulder, ripping the skin. We may also add a background: the Shrike's Tree of Thorns.

Girl's upper back tribal tattoos

Free upper back tribal tattoo designs
upper back tribal tattoo
back tattoo for girls

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Rihanna Star tattoos -Celebrity tattoos

there are some cute star tattoos on Rihanna's back
Rihanna Star tattoos Celebrity Rihanna tattoos.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Palm Tattoos

Hand (Palm) Tattoo of Viking / Runes, 1 hour later by HeadOvMetal.Palm Tattoo Caused Hand Swelling by HeadOvMetal. />

i am sure that everyone here realizes by now that I am the ringer. Usually the ringer is a hidden expert, such as a well trained soprano, who sneaks into a school chorus and sings like an angel, and I am certainly not that, but instead I am here to hold down the end of this lecture series, and attempt to leave you with the pleasurable experience of looking at pictures, as some sort of antidote to all the spoken words that this class has depended upon. I have ended up here today because of a deep failing on my part, which manifests itself with my inability to keep my mouth shut. At a pleasant lunch one day last year at the President’s office Rick Levin and Tony Kronman, two of the lecturers in this series, were outlining their proposed DeVane lecture series to accompany the University’s Tercentennial celebration. They rolled off all the names of the distinguished Yale faculty members who would speak, and when they finished I couldn’t help pointing out that there wasn’t an artist among them, except for the presence of David Gelertner, and even he, I worried, would speak about the computer and democracy instead of art and democracy. My comment resulted, of course, in Tony and Rick calling me up a day or two later with an invitation to join the series.

Cool Piercings for your Trends and Style

cool Piercings - feel sexy with piercingcool Piercings - feel sexy with piercingcool Piercings - feel sexy with piercingcool Piercings - feel sexy with piercingcool Piercings - feel sexy with piercingcool Piercings - feel sexy with piercingcool Piercings - feel sexy with piercingcool Piercings - feel sexy with piercing

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Girls Feel Sexy With Tattoos

animal_tattoo_designTattoo Design for Girl

Sexy Girl with Blue Pretty Tattoo

Find out which members think tattooed girls is hot and what they are saying want to have Tattoo? with pretty picture. Girls are always asking Tattoos man , what tattoos they should get or what I think are the hottest?

Sexy Gils Dragon Tattoos Designs

Pretty Woman in Dragon Tattoo Design in the Lower BackA Pretty Woman in Dragon Tattoo Design in the Lower Back