Friday, April 30, 2010

Monkey Tattoos - Great Personality For Great Tattoo Designs

This is what monkeys are popular for. But, let's not forget that wit is also one of the monkey's well known traits. So, what better tattoo designs to reflect your personality than that of monkey tattoos?

Mostly the designs used for monkey tattoos are the many folkloric tales that monkeys starred in. One example of the monkey character from these great tales is from the Indian art called Hanuman the Monkey, which is an incarnation of Shiva - a Hindu god. Bravery, loyalty and devotion are among the distinct qualities of Shiva, the symbol of man and beast. A sample idea for a tattoo design is the monkey god chasing a flying sun.

Chinese monkey tattoos is yet another popular design depicting the animal as a god. There are actually several depictions for these Chinese monkeys reflecting different stories. Monkey designs may feature designs of woodblock-type image, or a simple kanji script reflecting the animal's 9th zodiac sign of the Chinese.

During the ancient times in Japan, monkeys were considered as messengers of the gods and symbolize harmonious marriage, fertility and safe child birth.

Monkey tattoos mostly illustrate the animal from their cute and charming images to caricatures.

Back Tattoos For Men

There are not many different ways to search around for back tattoos for men. When it comes to doing this online, you basically have search engines, which leads everybody to the most generic laced websites, which post nothing but cookie cutter junk. That's the exact reason I want to share this next little tip, because you can easily pin point the galleries that have fresh, original, well drawn back tattoos for men.

If you are like me and countless others, you truly do want to find a design that fits "you". The problem is that people aren't finding that type of original artwork, and instead bump into these horrible galleries that post the most cookie cutter images. You get stuck in a loop of generic back tattoos for men. This holds especially true, when you are looking for websites through a search engine.

While this is the end of the road for most men and women, it doesn't have to be that way for you. You have a much better option, because there's an easier way to get directly to the great websites that take pride in posting crisp, well drawn back tattoos for men. You find these places by using forums to your advantage. Big forums to be exact. To put it bluntly this is your choice for inside knowledge and info on so many separate tattoo related issues.

The best part is that you only need one main part of the forum. You need their archive sections. Any big forum you find will do the job just as good. Inside of these archives are loads and loads of past topics on tattoo subjects. All you have to do to find great galleries of back tattoos for men is start skimming through some topics. So much info is kept here, including posts where other guys have share where they've found truly great artwork for their own tattoo. It's this kind of hidden gallery that tends to feature the best, most original artwork.

It's a small change to how most of you are used to looking for back tattoos for men, but it's the one way that finally works.

Here are the 3 largest, most original websites to pick from thousands of quality Back Tattoos for Men.

Star Tattoo Designs

The star tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo designs that people look for. There are a couple of reasons for this. One of them is the fact that the star design looks great on almost anyone. One of the reasons is that it is a great first tattoo, in most cases it is small and quick to have done. Meaning a less painful tattoo for someone new to them. This is not always the case as there are some very intricate star tattoo designs.

How many points do you want the star to have? You may want to have a 4 or 5 pointed start or even one with 7 or 8 points, this is primarily a personal preference depending on what you feel would look best.

Do you want it to be a solid color or multiple colors? This also plays into the look and feel of the tattoo and also helps it stand out. You can have your tattoo with a solid color, like black, or you can have a few colors to give your tattoo more vibrant.

What is the right size for the star tattoo design? You will want to pick a size that will look best on the area that you want your tattoo to go.

Best Women Tattoo Designs

Women's tattoo designs have grown enormously at a fast rate. Even just twenty years ago you were just starting to see women with tattoos, and most of these women kept them in discrete places so they could cover them up.

One of the very first women to sport tattoos was Betty Broadbent in 1927. She became known as the first tattooed lady; displaying her body art with Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus. Not only was Betty the first to have a full body tattoo, but she was also the first to have her self tattooed by the electric tattoo machine.

Now in 2010, you can pretty much find a tattoo parlor in every city, as well as women sporting some pretty great tattoo designs all over the world.

Tattoos in general are now available in more colors and with pretty much any kind of design you like. If you are going to an exceptional tattoo artist, they can pretty much duplicate anything you like.

Women's tattoo designs over the years have pretty much evolved from simple 'names' and 'roses' to outrageous designs like 'flowers down the back', 'the tramp stamps' and 'angel wings'.

Also, women are no longer getting tattoos that they keep hidden.